10 Best Things to do in Mexico

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Mexico City is one of the oldest and largest cities in the United States, built on the ruins of the ancient Aztec city of Tenoctitlan.
Mexico has formed a diverse culture today after the Spanish colonial era. Mexico’s attractions include Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan ruins, bullfighting of Prasamehiko, cave hot springs, and underwater museums! In southeastern Mexico, where warm days continue throughout the year, there are plenty of tourist elements such as beach resorts!
First, I will tell you best 10 thing that you should keep in mind when you visit Mexico for the first time.

⦁ Mayor of Templo: Aztec Ruins

Below Mexico City is the ruins of the pre-Hispanic Aztec capital, Nocty Plaza, centered on the Mayor of Templo. In the mid-20th century, this religious building was discover under the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral in the 1970s and was excavate by archaeologists. Visitors can see the pyramids, ceremonial platforms, and the main temples of the complex dedicated to the gods of war and rain. Many of the ever-excavated crafts of the era, such as obsidian knives, clay pots, masks, skulls, and vases, are on display at the Templo Mayor Museum.

⦁ Meals: Spice Things

Mexico City serves 50 regional dishes from all over the country. When you do not taste the lively street food scene, the city offers the option of fine dining at an affordable price. At Guzina Oaxaca, Chef Alejandro Ruíz prepares traditional dishes using fresh organic ingredients and brings them to southern Oaxaca. Adventure lovers should order delicacy, chapudding, or dry grasshoppers. A venture to Blanco Colima in the heart of the Roma Norte district of Mexico City. The atmosphere of a 20th-century mansion, where modern art and classical touch are in harmony, is as exquisite as cooking. Mexican Food Tours offers a variety of gastronomic tours and cooking classes.

⦁ Uxmal Ruins (Cancun)

The Uxmal ruins, which Mexico is proud of, were built around the 7th century, and various ruins such as the Pyramid of Wizards, the Nunnery, the playground, the Governor’s Palace and the Grand Pyramid are left behind, and along with Chichen Itza, the Maya It is a ruin that represents civilization.
The Wizard’s Pyramid is a huge pyramid about 37m high, with stairs leading to the temple on the east and west. It is call the Wizard’s Pyramid because of the legend that a little man who hatched from an egg warmed by a wizard created it overnight.

⦁ Shelha (Rivieramaya):

Facing the Caribbean Sea, Shelha is one of Mexico’s leading water activity spots. You can enjoy snorkeling with colorful fish in the rocks, or enter the float and play in the river. One of the most popular activities in Shelha, where you can interact with dolphins, you can interact with them in the water, have them push your feet to swim, and even kiss them.

The park is fully equipped with changing rooms, showers, restaurants, etc., so you can spend your time comfortably. Snorkeling equipment can also be rent.

⦁ Teotihuacan Ruins (Teotihuacan):

The Teotihuacan Ruins are the remains of a religious city in Mexico built by the Teotihuacans around the 2nd century BC. It was extremely prosperous as the largest year in the Mesoamerican region until it died around the 7th century.
Located in the center of the Teotihuacan site, the Pyramid of the Sun is the third largest pyramid in the world and is a huge temple with a height of about 65m and a width of about 225m. You can climb the 248 stairs, and the view from the top is refreshing with a pleasant breeze. The Pyramid of the Moon is a little smaller than the Pyramid of the Sun, but because it is built high, the top position is almost the same as the Pyramid of the Sun.

⦁ Pinacate Peaks and the Altal Desert (Mexicali):

Pinacate Peaks and the Altal Great Desert were register as World Heritage Sites in Mexico in 2013 and are part of the Sonoran Desert, one of the four major deserts on the North American continent on the border between the United States and Mexico, and are vast on the eastern side of the Colorado River. It is a desert area.

⦁ Gran Cenote (Cancun):

Cenote, also known as the Mysterious Fountain, is a group of underground caves created by rainwater eroding limestone over millions of years. Cancun, a Caribbean resort, is said to have nearly 7,000 cenotes, of which Gran Cenote is one of the largest. It is also one of the most accessible cenotes in Cancun, and the Tulum ruins are nearby, so you can spend less time traveling to sightseeing spots!

⦁ Trantongo Cave Hot Springs (Hidalgo):

Have you ever wanted to take a hot spring when you travel abroad? About 3 hours’ drive from Mexico City, the Trantongo Cave Hot Spring in the mountains of Hidalgo is a tourist attraction surrounded by nature.
Trantongo Cave Hot Spring is not only a hot spring in a limestone cave, but also a waterfall and a river. The temperature of the hot water is about 35 to 38 degrees, which is not too hot, so it is the perfect temperature to enjoy various hot springs.

⦁ Prasa Mexico (Mexico City):

Bullfighting in Mexico? You might think that, after the 16th century Spanish colonial era, Spanish culture remains in various places in Mexico, and this Prasa Mexico is one of them. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office in front of Plaza Mexico, and the cheapest seats on the top floor can be long lines during the high season.

⦁ Tulum Ruins (Cancun):

The Tulum ruins facing the Caribbean Sea are said to have been the first Mayan city seen by the Spaniards. The Tulum ruins are located near Gran Cenote and are not very large, so it is a must-visit tourist spot as a set.
At the Tulum ruins, a temple ruin called El Castillo stands on a cliff. There is a snake pattern on the pillar at the entrance of the temple, and you can see the state of civilization at that time.

⦁ Summary:

What did you think. We have introduced 10 Best thing that you should keep in mind when you visit Mexico where you can enjoy various ways of enjoying history, activities and resorts. Of course, many other attractive tourist spots could not be introduced here. Please go on a sightseeing trip to Mexico. I am sure you will have a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

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