13 most travel dangerous destinations

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To what extent do you check local security when traveling abroad? If you scrutinize your security in advance, you will be able to remove dangerous countries and regions from your list of accommodations and keep yourself safe. Here are the top 13 overseas travel destinations that are dangerous for travelers.

⦁ Thailand:

It is surprising that Thailand, which has many Japanese tourists, is a dangerous travel destination. I feel almost no danger in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. However, be careful of Songkhla, Yarra, Narathiwat and Pattaya located in the south. Especially in Pattaya, there are many thieves riding motorcycles, and tourist attacks by gangsters have occurred. The gang said to be composed of young men.

⦁ Congo:

Speaking of Congo, is the gorilla the only one that comes to mind? It is an image of a country. Where precious animals and plants live. In such Congo, armed groups are widespread, and there are bandits all over the country. Therefore, it is highly possible that travelers will encounter armored vehicles and armed soldiers. The capital, Kinshasa, is especially dangerous, so you should never go to places that the locals are avoiding.

⦁ Guatemala:

The border with Mexico is one of the world’s most dangerous areas of trafficking and smuggling of drugs. Guatemala is the fifth most murdered country in South America, with frequent armed robbery and carjacking. When traveling to this country, you will need to sign up for a tour and devise ways to prevent robbers from easily finding your wallet.

⦁ South Africa:

South Africa, which was ridicule by Japanese travelers as “Real Fist of the North Star” ten years ago, still seems to be dangerous. There are many murders and rapes. However, South Africa is a treasure trove of beautiful nature such as Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain. Some people may want to go there once. When traveling, it seems better to check the local information carefully before booking a tour.

⦁ Jamaica:

In Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica, even if you are in a hotel, you are at risk of hit by shootings and violence. Stray bullets or robbery of hotel staff can hit them. When you go to Jamaica, you may want to book a higher hotel in a safe location. In addition, there are many “marijuana” sellers, but be aware that marijuana is illegal in Jamaica as well.

⦁ Chad:

Close to Nigeria and Sudan, Chad has terrorist groups with extremist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. In addition, land mines are buries in the border area with Sudan and Libya. It is a very unstable country, so you should not travel now. There is no public transportation such as trains in Chad, and private travel is a high risk.

⦁ Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is at risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and floods. In addition, terrorism is occurring and it is dangerous. However, as of 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overseas safety website has a danger level of two “Please stop unnecessary and unurgent travel”, which is lower than the above-mentioned Chad. However, there were terrorist attacks involving Japanese people, so you should be careful when traveling.

⦁ Lebanon:

Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is said to be relatively stable, but there is a history of terrorism, so it’s worth noting. Whether or not you are involved in terrorism depends entirely on your luck. In addition, the border area between Syria and Israel is very dangerous. In the border area with Syria, Alsar, kidnappings targeting the wealthy are frequent, and missiles may land.

⦁ Mali:

Mali says that the incident is mainly happening in hotels and restaurants. Some been taken hostage and killed at hotels in the capital. Bamako, the capital, is relatively safe now, but you should not go out at night as it increases your chances of getting involved in a crime. When traveling to Mali, it is important to be vigilant and stay away from dangerous areas.

⦁ Ukraine:

In the southeastern and eastern regions of Ukraine, tensions with Russia are still ongoing. Donetsk Oblast, Luhansk Oblast, and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea are dangerous areas. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea is an area where Russian troops boarded in the past, and there is a special city called Sevastopol in the administrative district of Ukraine, where many Russians live. Security seems to be stable in the capital Kiev.

⦁ Philippines:

The Philippines is close to Japan and is a popular travel destination and study abroad destination. However, be aware that some areas are adjacent to danger. Foreigners are the target of kidnapping, especially in the South Sulu Sea and the Sulu Islands. In addition, there are shootings and fires at the casino in Manila, so I would like to be careful. It is important to avoid places where you feel danger when traveling.

⦁ Kenya:

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Kenya is the Masai and wild animals. Kenya, which is rich in nature, has a history of terrorism in areas other than the capital, and the threat of terrorism is continuing. Even in the capital Nairobi, violence is on the rise and you will need to stay alert and travel. If you are accustomed to traveling abroad, it may be obvious, but keeping away from the slums and taking a taxi is the key to protecting yourself.

⦁ Honduras:

Honduras has a disgraceful record of a high incidence of murders. It is one of the countries where you want to avoid traveling as much as possible if you do not need to visit for work etc. because drug trafficking is also done. These days, it said to be more dangerous than South Africa. San Pedro Sula, located in the northwestern part of the country, is so dangerous that it is call a criminal city, and there are many murders due to the conflict of drug organizations.

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