13 pets that even one person can easily keep

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Can I keep a pet even if I live alone?

Even if you live alone, you may want a pet. However, you may find it difficult to keep a pet. Even if you want to keep a cat or dog, which is a standard pet, it costs money and it may not be possible in an apartment living alone.

This time, we will introduce popular pets such as small animals that can be easily keep by student demos living alone. Please refer to it.


  • Hamsters are easy and easy to keep!

This hamster is sure to be in the top of the easy and easy-to-keep animal ranking. Hamsters are small and cute, and they are very adorable animals with food in their mouths.

It is easy to keep, and I am happy that it is affordable and easy for both students and children to keep. If you follow him, he will put it on your hand and eat it.


  • The appearance of chewing chipmunk food is cute!

It is soothing to see Cimaris chewing on the food. Cimaris is sometimes see in the wild, but it is also a small animal. That is easy to keep as a pet. Shimarisu, with its cute Shimashima pattern, is a recommended pet for students living alone.

It lives longer than a hamster, so it is perfect for those who want to spend a long time together.


  • Chinchillas are pets with cute big eyes!

Chinchillas are fluffy and cute with big black eyes. A strong and long-lived animal is easy to keep even if you live alone. 

There are different colors and types, so please welcome your favorite child.


  • The popular hedgehog now!

The hedgehog has recently become a hot topic at the hedgehog cafe, but it is also very popular as a pet! It is easy to raise, and more and more people keep it as a pet, just like pets such as hamsters and cimaris.

Hedgehogs have thorns, but those who are nostalgic do not. It would be great if you could get along with each other and get back to them.


  • Adorable rabbits are popular pets

I think some people say that rabbits were also keep as pets in elementary school. Animals kept at school are often pets that are easy to keep. Rabbits are pets that are fluffy and have cute long ears.

I think there are many students who live alone and want it.

Squirrel monkey

  • Pets recommended for small squirrel monkeys

A squirrel monkey that I have seen at the zoo. Can squirrel monkeys be keep as pets? Some people may think that squirrel monkeys are also popular as pets that are easy to keep even for those who live alone.

It is not big because it is a squirrel, and it is a lovely pet that uses it is dexterous tail.


  • Bushy ferret

A ferret with a long body and bushy hair. Ferrets are also a popular pet these days, and you may often see them in pet stores. Ferrets have a mild-mannered personality and are also known as easy-to-keep pets. The standing figure you see often is adorable!

Guinea pig

  • Guinea pigs are easy-to-keep pets

Guinea pigs, which are larger than hamsters and have a fluffy shape, have long been popular as pets that are easy to keep even if you live alone. The price is low, so even students can keep it with confidence.

You may feel lonely when you live alone, but if you keep a guinea pig, you can have a good time together


  • Degu I want to recommend has a friendly personality

Degu has become more common in pet stores these days. Recently, there are many people who take pictures of animals on YouTube, so when you look at them, some children learn tricks. The intelligent and friendly degu is a recommended pet that even students living alone can easily keep because there are cheap children

Fish recommended for living alone

  • Goldfish are familiar

There are various types of fish such as goldfish and tropical fish, but they are almost the same in terms of keeping them in an aquarium. I think some of you may have had goldfish at a festival when you were little.

Goldfish and tropical fish can also be raise as pets that can be easily keep by living alone.


  • Reptiles are also recommend

There are many types of reptiles. There are many types such as lizards, snakes, chameleons, and turtles. Is the turtle the most common of these? I think reptiles have less of an image than mammals, but that is not the case.

Some animals are nostalgic, so if you want them to be nostalgic, you should choose those kinds of reptiles.


  • Colorful colored birds

When it comes to birds, many people come up with colorful colors. There are many kinds of birds, such as Java sparrows, parakeets, parrots, and canaries. There are so many that you may be in trouble, but it’s best to go to a pet store and decide.

I hope you can meet a child you like.


  • Insects as pets

I think there are many men who kept beetles and stag beetles when they were little. The last pet I would like to recommend for living alone is an insect. Of course, there are many types of insects, but the standard ones are beetles and stag beetles.

There are many types of stag beetles, so please look for them and decide on your purchase.

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