15 Reasons You Need a Pet in Your Life

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Dogs, cats, birds … Keeping animals for any pet is an adventure in a sense.
However, no matter what stress or loneliness you have, your fluffy friends will always be with us.
When welcoming pets to their families, humans tend to think that they have changed their lives for the better, but pets have an equally positive impact on their owners’ lives. Here are 15 reasons they need it in your life. If you are wondering if you should welcome an animal to your family, please look.I feel better when I am with you
Pets help reduce the stress you are feeling. Studies show that spending time with pets increases oxytocin. Oxytocin known as the “happiness hormone.” This is because you feel a bond with your pet and a sense of intimacy. It also raises your overall mood.

Improve your social life

The presence of a pet will not only be a great opportunity to start a conversation at your next Zoom meeting, but it will also help you make new friends.
Dogs are originally curious about their environment, including other dogs and people, and can be a good opportunity for social interaction. If you have a dog, a stranger may approach you.
However, other pets such as cats can also expand your social circle. According to a 2015 study in Australia and the United States, pet owners are far more likely to be acquainted with their neighbors than non-pet owners are.

It can be useful for finding a lover

Pets can be a good way to increase your chances of finding a lover. In a Purina survey, 54% said their pets were the catalyst for starting conversations with interested people. In addition, 63% said they would like to date someone who has a pet, and one in three said they would like to meet someone who has a picture of their pet on their online dating profile.

If you have a partner, your pet will make them happier and less stressful

A study quoted by the magazine Psychology Today found that couples with pets had lower blood pressure and higher happiness on average than couples without them. In addition, couples with pets have more conversations than couples without pets.

You can be a better person yourself

According to a BarkBox study, having a dog can make you a better person (at least it seems). At least one thing that pets think has made them better, such as being patient and kind, is 93% of pet owners.

Bring your pet to work to increase motivation and control stress

Showing your pet at a web conference while you are working from home brightens the space for you and your colleagues.
A 2012 study conducted at a manufacturing company in North Carolina, USA, found that employees who brought their dogs to work had low stress levels throughout the day, were highly satisfied with their work, and were highly rated by their employers. ..

Relax you are tired from work

Pets give you comfort and relief. A 2003 study found that stroking a pet after a stressful situation relieved anxiety.

More peace of mind when pets are nearby (especially dogs)

Large dogs such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers give owners a great sense of security. Rottweilers have become more popular in recent years because of their “loyalty, trust, and protective instinct.”

Someone who can always be spoil on a cold night

Some owners prefer their pets to be curled up and relaxed near them, although they may interfere with their sleep. It will give you peace of mind when you fall asleep.

Make you more active thanks to walking with your pet, yoga, etc.

Taking your dog for a walk will give you more opportunities to move your body and make you feel better.

Not as fluffy as cats and dogs, but birds such as parrots can also be “lifelong companions”

Unlike other animals, parrots and other birds have the ability to learn and imitate human language. In addition, its lifespan is almost the same as that of humans, and some parrots are over 100 years old. It is a lifelong friend.

Helps children learn

According to Blue Cross, having a pet from an early age increases the confidence and empathy of the child. Pets are great “listeners”.

Playing with pets and teaching tricks is a lot of fun

If you have a dog, you probably know the fun of throwing and picking up balls with your dog on a sunny summer day. You can also teach your dog to shake hands, roll over, and bark in response to cues. However, dogs are not the only ones who can teach art. You can also teach cats to sit and give high fives.

Pets teaches children’s

According to a survey by the American Pet Product Association, 58% of pet owners said their pets helped teach their children “a sense of responsibility.” Even small children can help their family pets feed, take them for a walk, or take a bath.

It can also be an inspiration for great creative activities

Pets inspire humans in a variety of ways. British actor Oliver Reed was checking the script of the movie with his domestic cat Felix. Albert Einstein said he often came up with his own theory while watching his cat Tiger move around. Florence Nightingale became a nurse after an injured dog.

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