15 the most expensive travel destinations in the world

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Zurich was rank second in the world and Geneva was rank third in the world in the ranking of the most expensive (expensive) cities to visit on a trip. (By the way, the survey that “Switzerland” ranked high, “World’s richest ranking” is here) According to the US News & World Report, UBS Wealth Management where the research was investigated, food, transportation, hotels of accommodation on the basis of such, the world of the “most expensive city” rank published a report.

Can imagine, Scandinavia is rank in the top cities except Switzerland. Personally, I was a little surprised

That New York and London were not in the top spots, but I feel that the food and overall prices at the restaurant are certainly not very high. As for London, hotels are quite expensive

Oslo (Norway)

Oslo, the capital of Norway, has prospered as a port city since ancient times. The Munch Museum and the National Museum of Art, which are familiar with the masterpiece “The Scream,” are popular attractions among tourists. There are many attractions such as the Oslo City Hall where the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony is held, the Royal Palace where the changing ceremony of guards is a sight to see, and the Oslo Cathedral where the pipe organ and stained glass are wonderful.

  • Zurich (Switzerland)

The capital of Zurich and the empty gateway to Switzerland. An international financial city where banks and securities companies gather, it plays an important role in the world financial markets and is famous as a scenic tourist town with historic buildings. Its birth dates back to Roman times, and it is said that it began with the Sekisho Turikum, which was established in 15 BC. A monastery and a castle built in the 9th century, and it developed as a city triggered by the rise of commerce and industry. It became a typical medieval city in the 13th century, and joined the Swiss Federation in 1351.

Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva is located in western Switzerland and extends to the southwest of Lake Geneva. With a population of about 190,000, it is the second largest city in Switzerland after Zurich. It is also the birthplace of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Geneva said to have started in Roman times when Julius Caesar occupied the land and gave it the name Geneva. Typical dishes are Swiss cheese fondue and raclette. In addition, fish dishes such as fillet de perche using fish caught in Lake Geneva are also a must-try dish.

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Northern Europe is also very popular as an overseas travel destination. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a fashionable city that combines modern design with a tasteful old cityscape. It is a city with lots of attractions, but it is not very large, so if you do not stay long in one place, you can go around in a day.

Stockholm (Sweden)

The first tourist information in Stockholm is “History”. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is the most populous city in Northern Europe in the Scandinavian Islands.

Stockholm’s history dates back to the construction of the fort in 1252. After that, it was prepared as a city by King Birger Jarl, who became the throne. From there, it prospers by trading with the hanseatic cities on the Baltic coast and develops into Danish territory.

Tokyo (Japan)

Complete coverage of sightseeing spots and playgrounds that cannot be miss on a trip to Tokyo or a date in Tokyo, from famous spots that retain the atmosphere of downtown to the latest fashionable spots!

Sydney (Australia)

Sydney, Australia’s leading tourist city has a charming cityscape that mixes history and modernity. You can fully enjoy it just by walking, and it is truly a city. That is a “treasure of tourist spots”!

However, because it is a city with many tourist spots, it is easy to wonder where to go.

Helsinki (Finland)

The population said to be about 1.4 million. The city is line with many historic buildings. It said that there are many famous architects. The cathedral, train station and government palace are also attractions. The languages ​​used are Finnish and Swedish. Helsinki also has a long sporting tradition. The Helsinki Olympics held in 1952.

Toronto (Canada)

The more you know, the deeper you get in Toronto, no matter where you look. If you want to enjoy gourmet food, shopping, and sightseeing, Toronto is the place to go!

Toronto, Canada’s largest city is famous for being a comfortable city to live in. Because the cityscape resembles New York, it is often use as a Manhattan scene in movies and dramas.

Singapore (Singapore)

A luxury resort hotel that has become a new attraction in Singapore. The distinctive appearance of the three huge hotel towers supporting the Sands Sky Park, which looks like a ship floating in the air, has a huge impact. The sky pool, which is familiar with superb view photos, is a privilege only for guests.

Vienna (Austria)

Vienna thoroughly, such as gorgeous palaces and museums with masterpieces. The magnificent baroque structure that gives you a sense of history is fascinating just by looking at it.  You can explore the roots of great musicians and enjoy the sounds of musical instruments with your own ears!

Paris (France)

Paris, the capital of France, known as an area with many tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame.

The cityscape is very beautiful, and you can fully enjoy fashion and gourmet food, making it a charming city.

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

The official name of Luxembourg is “Luxembourg Grand Duchy” and the capital is “Luxembourg City” which is the same as the country name. The city of Luxembourg has old streets and fortresses, which were register as a World Heritage Site in 1994 as “Luxembourg City its Old Towns and Fortresses”.

The official language of Luxembourg is French, but German is use in everyday conversation, and you can see the characteristics unique to a small country. Many people can speak many languages.

New York (United States)

New York (NY) in the United States is a popular tourist destination visited by many tourists from all over the world. There are many attractions such as Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Highline. That New York-like scenery that everyone saw on TV and movies! You can also enjoy it.

London (UK)

London, the capital of England, is located in the southeastern part of England. London is a surprisingly compact city. There are many places where you can walk from one famous tourist spot to the next. Historical buildings and modern / contemporary architecture with modern design coexist in an interesting balance, forming a distinctive skyline and dynamic cityscape.

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