About Us

The Milkbar® has been created to locate a simpler, increasingly agreeable approach to bolster your child. It’s smaller, compact structure has a convey handle, and is too simple to wash. The classy Milkbar® way of life pad has a 100% cotton spread and is made with 100% new hypoallergenic polyfil for comfort.

Milkbar nursing cushions are grant winning and RISA (Reflux Infant Support Association) embraced. Planned higher toward one side so the child’s head is at bosom tallness while breastfeeding, Milkbar sustaining cushions help to lessen reflux

manifestations, back torment and shoulder strain while breastfeeding.

Milkbar is likewise accessible for twin sustaining with Milkbar® The Lifestyle Pillow (Twin) which gives more prominent cushion support around you and a flexible tie to hold into place so you can be bosom feed your twins all the more serenely.

Perfect from the very first moment in your pregnancy, Milkbar® is the way of life pad that you will utilize over and over. Just as being a bolstering/nursing pad, Milkbar is a pregnancy pad that offers superb support, without occupying the entirety of the space in the bed. It can likewise be utilized for a considerable length of time to come to empower stance or make long travel trips all the more unwinding.

„In the same way as other new Mums, I discovered sustaining my first infant not as simple as I had trusted. My longing to nourish my infant and the need to locate a simpler, increasingly agreeable approach to encourage, drove me to build up The Milkbar nursing cushion. The Milkbar nursing cushion helps make nourishing your child a charming and remunerating experience.“

Kylie Robinson, maker of The Milkbar® Portable Nursing Pillow