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The “scholarship” is a system that grants and lends tuition fees to those who have difficulty in going on to school due to financial reasons or family circumstances. Currently, many students are using the scholarship system to go on to high schools, vocational schools, universities, graduate schools, and overseas schools.

1. What is a scholarship?

Scholarships are a system in which various institutions support students by lending or giving them tuition and living expenses. The kanji for scholarship “scholarship” means to help and encourage. Scholarships are a system that supports people who are serious about their dreams for the future.

2. What is a scholarship loan / benefit?

Scholarships can be broadly divide into two categories:

  • Lending type (repayment at low interest rate or interest-free)
  • Benefit type (no need to return money)

Of course, the loan type is the money you owe, so you have to repay it. However, there are various types of loan types, and some are exempt from the repayment obligation if certain conditions are met. In addition, depending on the conditions, it may be interest-free.
With regard to the benefit type, it is the money you receive, and there is no obligation to repay it.

3. What you need to apply

Documents required when applying for a scholarship differ depending on the scholarship you are applying for. You may need to submit your grades for the third year of high school, or you may need a guarantor or guarantor. There are also scholarships that require proof of household income. In addition, just because you applied for it does not mean that you will receive a scholarship. In the benefit type, there are many scholarships with high magnification.
On the other hand, there are many new scholarships. These are known, so the magnification is lower. For this reason, you should frequently check the brochures of the schools you care about and the homepages of your local government to get the latest information.

4. Things to note when applyin

The loan type of the scholarship system is to borrow tuition fees. This is, in other words, debt. The money you have to return. What’s more, it can be expensive because it is a vocational school or college tuition. Especially in the case of interest bearing. Therefore, when you apply for a scholarship, you need to have a solid plan on how to repay it after graduation. The same is true while in school.

5. Payment methods

Scholarship programs can be broadly divide into two categories.
The first is a method of benefits called thin sunlight, which, as the name implies, is a scholarship system that “borrows tuition fees.” The second is a scholarship system that does not require repayment, which is a method called benefits.
There are two types of “loan-type” scholarship programs: those with interest on loans (interest) and those without interest (interest-free).

6. How to get a scholarship?

How to get a scholarship? First, find a scholarship that suits your purpose and career path. Please check the “Application Guidelines” for each scholarship, prepare the necessary documents, and then apply to the scholarship counter.
Depending on the system, an interview will be conduct in addition to the examination, but if you pass the scholarship examination, you will be able to receive the necessary tuition support (loan or benefit).

7. Scholarships that can be booked while in high school

Many people think that scholarships given after they have decided to go on to higher school. However, if you decide where to go to school by relying on the scholarship, and if you fail after being examine for that scholarship, you will not be able to prepare the money.
In fact, there are reservation-type scholarships that you can apply for when you are in the third year of high school, even if you have not decided where to go to school. There are two main types of scholarships: Student Services Organization reservations and scholarships provided by universities and vocational schools. In the case of a school-specific reservation-type scholarship, there are many cases where it is a benefit-type scholarship (a scholarship that does not require repayment), and if you are eligible for this scholarship, you will be required to enter the university before the entrance examination. This makes it easier to make a money plan.

8. How to return the scholarship

There are two types of scholarship refunds: one that allows you to repay after graduating from school, and the other that allows you to return while working in harmony with your studies. In addition, if it is a benefit-type scholarship, there is no obligation to return it.
If you want to reduce the burden of repayment after graduation, give priority to the benefit-type scholarship system. You can also use a benefit-type scholarship system that allows you to go on to higher education while receiving a salary, like a newspaper scholarship student.

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