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As they step into new countries to study, work, or expand their business, they generally have to learn their language to facilitate communication. Children seem to learn a new language easily, but as you get older, it becomes harder to learn a new language.

However, even if you decide to learn, it is always very expensive. Therefore, what you should try in this situation is to go to a free online language course, especially one that provides a certificate.

There are many expensive language courses, from full college and university courses to websites in a particular language.

Similarly, there are several great options, from beginner to beginner-level courses to conversation courses. In addition, comprehensive courses where you can speak your chosen language fluently.

Being fluent or learning enough language to keep the conversation going can be very helpful if you want to expand your business into new markets or seek employment in other countries. Some languages ​​help you do better business at home.

How effective are online language courses?

There was a time when I was able to bring someone to a proficiency level within minutes of my vacation abroad by drinking French little by little and consciously ordering a glass of wine.

However, times have changed and being able to communicate well in a foreign language is becoming increasingly important for career prospects and personal growth.

How much time it take to learn a language?

Language is overwhelmingly dependent on the XNUMX factors of student attitudes, the time students spend on language, and their attention to language.

So, as this is the case, how long does it take to learn a language, assuming a positive attitude and a rational and increasing attention to the language on the part of the students?

According to the FSI, the American Diplomatic Services Association has divided the languages ​​into groups of difficulty for English-speaking people:

  1. French, Indonesian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swahili
  2. Bulgarian, Burmese, Greek, Hindi, Persian, Urdu
  3. Amharic, Cambodian, Czech, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Laotian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
  4. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

According to an FSI study, it takes 1 hour to achieve basic proficiency in Group 480 languages ​​and 4 hours in Group 720-2 languages.

If you can spend 48 hours 10 days learning a language, it takes 72 days to learn a basic language for a simple language

What is the best source of information for an online language course?

In fact, social media and smartphone apps have brought us closer to the world and brought the idea to most of the thousands of languages ​​we speak around the world. Today, the World Wide Web is small enough to fit in your pocket on Android and iOS.

And that’s great because the benefits of learning a new language mean that you no longer have to come at a high price or price tag!

Website to find free online language courses

If you are looking for all the structures and formats of a traditional course but are not sure whether to return to class or pay these fees. Some of these free online language courses can found with certificates that are available in as many languages ​​as learners.

Include them:

  1. Live ring
  3. Fluent
  4. Live ring

Top of the list, the site itself, is Live Lingua, the biggest collection of free public languages learning materials on the Internet.

  • is a website with links to comprehensive resources in 19 different languages.

Learn over 1,400 words in your target language free with vocabulary lists and verb conjugations.

  • Fluent

Fluent is a completely different world of language learning.

Starting a free trial will be very helpful in learning. Here, even the most affordable tutors can get unlimited video content rather than paying lessons hourly.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for Free Language Learning

Did we mention that technology is good? That is why many of them make materials and college courses that are available online free.

These are some of the best large open online courses for learning a free language. That finally provide a certificate:

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare
  2. EdX
  3. Coursera Language Learning
  4. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
  5. MIT OpenCourseWare :

MIT was a college hipster XNUMX who made the course content available online before it became great. In the Amazing Global Studies and Languages ​​section of the OpenCourseWare website, you can find courses ranging from Chinese II to modern French politics.

  • EdX

EdX is one of the largest MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) websites, XNUMX. There are many college-level courses here, created and taught by real professors at the best colleges.

As a language student, you may consider taking a dedicated language course, or if you are more advanced, consider taking a course in your target language

  • Coursera Language Learning

Professors teach the courses offered at Coursera from world-renowned institutions and many courses offer diplomas.

Coursera currently has 79 classes taught in Chinese, the 122nd most common language in English, followed by a long list of other languages. There are 41 classes in Spanish.

  • Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Carnegie Mellon OLI is not specifically design for language courses, but it offers some excellent courses. From Spanish and Elementary French to “Arabic for the Global Exchange”, there are often courses available in the most important and learned languages ​​in the world.

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