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A new barcaro and restaurant will be open on the premises. In addition, we have added apartment-type guest rooms and changed the guest room variations to a high degree of freedom to choose from three types.
Enjoy the canal from the window in your room, and have breakfast the next day at a cafe along the canal. An inn where you can stay in a Venetian style at a reasonable price.

⦁ By water bus from the airport! Former monastery inn:

“Combo Venezia” is a renovated 12th century monastery in the Canalegio district of the water city of Venice.
From Marco Polo Airport, take a waterbus and disembark at the Fondamenta Nuove stop. It takes 2 minutes on foot. From this stop, there are boats to Burano and Murano, so be sure to take advantage of it for sightseeing outside the main island.
The city’s attractions, the Rialto Bridge, are a 10-minute walk and St. Mark’s Square is a 15-minute walk.
There are 127 guest rooms in total. You can choose from 3 types: private room, apartment, and dormitory.
The common area has a kitchen, laundry and conference room, and the newly opened Barcaro (Venetian tavern), lounge restaurant and existing cafe are located on the premises. It is a convenient environment where you can quickly satisfy your hunger without going outside.
There is also an elevator inside the building, so you can easily carry your suitcase without worry. The reception is open 24 hours a day, so you can rest assured if you arrive late at night.
There is an orange-tree courtyard on the premises. Here, enjoy a relaxing time while traveling, such as reading a book or teatime.
There is a cafe in the back of this courtyard, and anyone can use it. It functions as a space where travelers from all over the world and locals can enjoy interacting with each other. Powerful outdoor concerts also held in the summer.

⦁ Introducing apartment-type guest rooms:

In 2019, apartments will be add to the “Combo Venice” room types, and there will be three types: private rooms, apartments, and dormitories. You can freely choose a room according to your travel style.
There are three types of private rooms: double, twin, and superior twin. The area is 20 square meters, with a private bath and toilet. There is also a two-story type with a loft.
There is also a special room. Where you can see the canal from the window. Make a request in advance and stay overnight.
All types of guest rooms have a minimalist style. However, with ample storage space and a large desk, you can stay for multiple days without any problems.
For self-catering people, the Superior Twin with kitchen is recommend. Equipped with tableware and cooking utensils, you can cook immediately when you think of it. In addition, the bath and toilet are located in separate spaces, making it very convenient and functional.
There are two types of apartments that are ideal for families and groups: 2 bedrooms (capacity 4 people) and 3 bedrooms (capacity 6 people). 40 square meters and 60 square meters are enough.
The view of the canal from the big window is the moment that makes you realize that you have come to Venice! It is an inn with good cost performance that you can enjoy such a superb view at a reasonable price.

⦁ A strong ally for traveling alone!

For traveling alone, use the dormitory type.
The size of the room is the same as the private room type. Since the capacity of one room is two people, privacy is more important than the dormitory that you usually imagine.
The kitchen in the common area is always available. There is a supermarket just a 3-minute walk from the hostel, so you do not have to worry about buying ingredients.
Cooking time to enjoy with foreign travelers in the same space. Unexpected friendships may be born. The washing machine (charged) is install in a separate room.
Sofas and desks are luxuriously place in the corridors on each floor. If you want to spend your time alone, you can step out of the dormitory and relax here.

⦁ Enjoy breakfast elegantly while looking at the canal:

Breakfast can be serve at a plus rate if desired. The place is the cafe space before the reception. Sit on the couch or in the breakfast room and start your day with a cup of coffee.
The menu is full of croissants, sweet pastries, side dish bread, yogurt, fruits, cereals and more. You can enjoy as much as you can like in buffet format.
Every Sunday, Sunday Brunch (charged) held from 10am to 3 pm. Pancakes and bagel sandwiches will be available.

⦁ Recommended points of Combo Venice:

In Venice, where prices are high, you can use high-quality rooms and services at a reasonable price, and the cost performance is the best!
In addition, it is a convenient location for traveling from the airport, sightseeing in the city, and sightseeing around the islands. Room types are suitable for both eating out and self-catering. You can enjoy delicious local cuisine on the premises. In addition, it is completely exhausted. It is an inn where you can realize a “stay that is unique to you” that has been enhanced after the renewal.

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