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To avoid getting sick. Old dog diet

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The biggest wish for the owner is that his old dog can live as healthy as possible without getting sick. In order to reduce the risk of illness, it is important not only to improve the living environment but also the quality of the daily diet. This is because our partners and we may change the function of the genes (inherited from their parents) that they were born with, depending on what they given (environment, diet). Current nutritional science is being researched at the genetic level, and it is becoming clear that nutrients that work well for genes.

What does it mean to be less likely to get sick?

A body that is less susceptible to illness is a state in which the immune system, endocrine system, and nervous system are well balance. In other words, the system that protects the body is working normally, but there is something important for that.

Three things you need for a body that is less likely to get sick:

  • Good food
  • Appropriate exercise
  • An environment with less stress both physically and mentally

Many of us humans and partners, as well as many living things, have different constitutions and personalities inherited from their parents, depending on how they live their lives since they were born. This means that the creatures have the ability to adapt to the given environment in order to leave better seeds. Therefore, eating a diet that has a positive effect on genes and living in a better environment are important for maintaining good health. We get sick if we neglect our diet or if we continue to live a patient life, and so do our partners.

Recommended ingredients for maintaining the health of old dogs

  • Is your partner looking forward to a meal?

Of course, partners cannot choose a meal that suits their physical condition. A comprehensive nutritional diet is a food that has all the nutrients your partner needs, but that alone does not always help you stay healthy. Even if the dog breed is the same, the constitution of the partner is different. Of course, the amount of nutrients required varies depending on age and living conditions, so it is natural.

For example, dogs, unlike humans, can make vitamin C in their bodies. That does not mean you do not have to give vitamin C at all. This is because dogs need more vitamin C than usual when they are stressed or ill. In particular, it is necessary to consider that the amount of old dogs that can be produce in the body is less than when they were young.

Why you need good fat

Keeping the cells that make up our body in good condition reduces the risk of illness. For that purpose, it is important that the cell membrane that protects the cells is strong. Since cell membranes are made of lipids, we need good lipids. A good lipid oil containing a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids that of is. This nutrient can be expect to support blood flow and brain function. However, it tends to deteriorate (oxidize) when heated, so be sure to leave it raw for your partner and add it to your diet (dry food or homemade food). First, let us look with just a few drops. <Linseed oil, salmon oil, krill oil, etc.>

The secret of colorful vegetables

The biggest enemy that damages cells is active oxygen. Originally, it works to protect the body, but excess active oxygen damages cells. When a gene inside a cell is damage, it increases the number of cancer cells. To prevent this, it is recommended taking antioxidant nutrients that increase antioxidant power. Antioxidant nutrients are abundant in colorful vegetables such as red, yellow and green. <Pumpkin, carrot, Japanese mustard spinach, broccoli, etc.>

Ingredients containing folic acid

Folic acid is one of the B vitamins and is a nutrient needed to make blood and cells. In addition, it can be expect to work to repair DNA and support normal metabolism. It’s abundant in liver, but be careful not to overdose it, as it’s rich in vitamin A, which you should be aware of overdose. The amount of liver for a homemade meal is about 5g a day for a dog weighing 5kg. Even if the amount is small, it is an easy way to be aware of daily vegetables. <Asparagus, garland chrysanthemum, broccoli, bok choy, etc.>

Ingenuity to be included in the diet of old dogs

Older dogs may need to devise a diet more than their younger partners do, such as having poor digestive function or having more likes and dislikes than before. Even if you know that it is a good nutrient, it is meaningless unless you eat it. We want to give our partners an easy-to-eat and easy-to-continue way.

Supports digestion

Originally, dogs are not good at digesting vegetables. Especially for old dogs, it is better to boil and soften the vegetables to make them easier to digest. If you do not like solids or like or dislike them, use a mixer or grinder to make a paste to make it easier to eat. If you make a lot, divide it into small pieces and store it in a freezer, you can easily add a spoon of our love at any time.

Choose ingredients with high taste

For partners who are not accustomed to eating vegetables, start with the ingredients that dogs prefer to eat. It seems that many partners like pumpkins, broccoli, sweet potatoes, etc. so much that they change the color of their eyes, but if you give them too much, you will have excess sugar and fiber, which will adversely affect your health. .. Aromas such as bonito broth also increase the taste, so it is recommend adding them. If you are worried about nutritional balance with your own food, don’t overdo it and use good quality food that your old dog will be happy to eat.


Daily meals are the basis for maintaining the health of old dogs. In addition, one of the cares we can do is to devise ways to take in ingredients that contain nutrients that enhance the functioning of the body. The enjoyment of eating can be expect to relieve the stress of old dogs and balance their mental health, so please continue to devise your own ideas.

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