Types of scholarships

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There are different types of scholarships
In a word, scholarships actually have some differences.

“Lending type” and “Benefit type”

It can be divid into two types according to the degree of burden on the student.

⦁ Lending type

The loan type is a scholarship system that “borrows” tuition fees.
Since it means to borrow, it will be necessary to return it.
You do not have to repay while you are in school, but you are obliged to repay after graduation, and there are two types: those with interest on loans (interest) and those without interest (interest-free).
Prospective recipients prefer the interest-free type because the interest-bearing type will have to return a larger amount in the future than the amount borrowed while in school. However, due to the relatively strict selection conditions, many loan-type scholarship students choose the interest-bearing type.

The benefits of loan-type scholarships are

⦁ Many organizations are recruiting
⦁ Easy to be adopted
⦁ No repayment required while attending school.

The disadvantage of loan-type scholarships is

⦁ Need a guarantor and guarantor
⦁ In the future, I’m worried whether I can repay depending on the employment situation
⦁ If you cannot repay it, you will be register with a personal credit information agency.
⦁ When renting a loan type, do not borrow the amount that cannot be return, and plan how to spend the money while you are in school, taking into account your life after graduation.

⦁ Benefit type

Type of scholarship that does not require repayment unlike the loan type.
You do not have to borrow and return
In that respect, an attractive system is economically beneficial for students even after graduation. However,

⦁ Eligibility is strict
⦁ The number of people hired is smaller than the loan type
⦁ It is also a narrow gate.

The Student Services Organization used to be “loan-type only”, but in 2017, we established a new benefit-type scholarship. Furthermore, from April 2020, the system has been expand as a national policy, and the number of people eligible for benefit scholarships has expand. It is easier to challenge than before, so be sure to check it out.

“Reservation recruitment (benefit type)” and “student recruitment”
Regarding scholarships offered by the Student Services Organization and some schools, that there are “reservation recruitment” that you apply for in high school and “enrollment recruitment” that you apply for after going on to school.

⦁ Reservation adoption (benefit type)

Same scholarship that does not require repayment as the “benefit type”, and it is a system that allows you to apply and reserve eligibility before taking the examination (the year before going on to school). You will often be guide through the school during high school, and you can apply regardless of your career path. If you apply but no longer need it, it will be automatically cancel without any special procedure, just by not submitting the “advancement notification”.
However, this is not done at all schools, and some schools do not accept reservations. Make sure that the university you want to go to accepts reservations.
The deadline for collecting applications varies from high school to high school, so be sure to keep track of it yourself.

⦁ Recruitment

This type is guide by a briefing session after enrollment and applies through the university. Those who did not pass the examination due to reservation adoption can apply again.
All applications for reservation hiring are benefit type, but enrollment hiring can be either benefit type or loan type.
Scholarships, which are the money that students themselves borrow, are largely relate to their “performance” in addition to their household income. This is because the purpose of the scholarship is to reduce the financial burden after going on to school and to help students who want to study to study with peace of mind.
In order to continue using the scholarship, it is necessary to submit a request for continuation every year. At the time of application, I passed the examination and was eligible to receive a scholarship, but if my grades are poor or if I have decided to repeat a year, it may be “suspended” or “abolished”. Please be careful enough.

⦁ Summary

Scholarships are a very helpful system for students who have financial difficulties but are willing to learn. However, in the case of a loan type, the student must borrow it and return it, so it is necessary to consider not only the latest student life but also the future when applying.
Choose the type of scholarship that suits you best and make your student life meaningful.

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