Unusual things to do in Canada

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Canada is famous as the second largest country in the world after Russia. Many young people also choose Canada for their working holidays and study abroad destinations. When it comes to sightseeing spots, only natural spots tend to be the focus of attention, but since the country found in 1867.

Canada has a strong image of be in a large country with the south and west sandwiched between the United States, while nature is extremely rich. In addition, with some exceptions, tourist attractions are often not well known.

Activities you want to do in Canada

While waiting for the aurora, I want to ride a “dog sled” and run through the beautiful silver world!

A typical activity that you can enjoy with Yellowknife. Riding a sled pulled by a dog seems to be an event in a picture book, but you can actually experience the excitement at this place. The experience of running through the beautiful silver world is as exhilarating as the attractions of the amusement park. You will be overwhelm by the power and strength of the dog. Enjoy Whistler at the ski resort

The largest ski resort in the Americas in winter. I also want to take a break on the stage of the Winter Olympics.

False Creek

Between sightseeing in Vancouver, take a walk on the sea on a small 12-seater boat. Pay attention to the huge art drawn on the cement factory!

Ride a gondola in Banff National Park

360-degree panorama! Ride the Banff Gondola up Mt. Sulfur and enjoy the spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains.

Walk the Canadian Rockies

Take on the challenge of trekking in a vast mountainous area consisting of four national parks. I want to enjoy the refreshing air from early summer to autumn.

Enjoy nature in Canada

A miracle that God gave to humankind. Shedding tears in the aurora of “Yellowknife”

Auroras can see all over the world, but Yellowknife boasts a high encounter rate of 95%, which can see once during a three-day stay. What you see here is a phenomenon called “breakup” in which the colorful aurora spreads in all directions of the sky and looks as if it were torn in the sky.

God gave a miracle celestial show us as a gift. The best season is from mid-August to late September and from mid-November to early April.

You will be overwhelmed by the beautiful blue scenery of “Moraine Lake”

This lake in Banff National Park has a Canadian dollar pattern. Many of the visitors are utterly disappointed when they see the blue glow as if they were hanging paint. There is also a trekking course, so it is a good idea to walk while listening to the beautiful nature.

The best season is July. The recommended time is early morning.

What is this blueness? Frozen bubbles in the lake! Forget the time and stare at the fantasy world of “Lake Abraham”

Lake Abraham, near Banff National Park, is an artificial lake created in the 19th century. The lake water naturally released by humans created an art in the harsh wilderness. Innumerable bubbles (ice bubbles) frozen in the water appear in the frozen lake in the middle of winter.

Actually, this is a frozen methane gas bubble generated from a lake that is trap without coming out to the surface of the earth. Layered bubbles create a fantastic world. The season is from December to April. You can actually walk on the lake, so be careful of cracks and witness the mystery of the earth.

Screaming walk at “Capilano Suspension Bridge” surrounded by tropical rainforest

The suspension bridge, which is 70 meters above the ground, is a very popular thrill spot in Vancouver. When I look down, my legs shrug. On days crowded with tourists, the shaking becomes even greater. Take a 213m high cliff walk through the forest.

Test your courage at the Glacier Skywalk, a glass-enclosed aerial walkway that is too bad for your heart

A valley can see at the foot of the transparent road. Speaking of “higher than the Eiffel Tower observatory,” you can imagine the horrifying view. The magnificent view of the Canadian Rockies is amazing, but how many people can afford to see it?

Drive through the autumnal carpet “Yukon Territory” that fills the earth ♪

A superb view area where the nature of the tundra remains. Among them, the one road “Dempster Highway” that leads from the western town “Dawson City” to the Arctic Ocean is the best driveway. It takes only a few days for the scenery as far as the field of vision to turn bright red.

Enjoy Canada’s fashionable spots

Immerse yourself in the story on the stage “Prince Edward Island” in the novel “Akage no Anne”

A small island that was the setting for a world-famous masterpiece. On this island where Anne was fascinated, there is also a house that became a model of “a house with a green gable roof” and Orwell Historical Village that reproduces the village where Anne lived, so you can travel as if you were in the world of the story. You can taste it.

Lions Gate Bridge

From the suspension bridge connecting downtown and North Vancouver, you will be fascinated by the night view of Vancouver reflected on the surface of the water.

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