What is a scholarship system?

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To put it simply, the “scholarship system” is a system where you can borrow money from other places to go on to higher education. However, if you think that is all, be careful! There are scholarships for benefits that you can get instead of borrowing, and the amount of money that students can get is too large to be pinpointed, so if you use it without knowledge, you may have a hard time later. Be sure to keep track of the basics of scholarships so that you will not regret your important student life and will be able to do what you want to do.
In this article, I will summarize the “scholarship system” that you may know but do not know.
We will divide it into multiple articles under the title of “What is a scholarship system? The first is about the basics of the scholarship system and “types of scholarships”.

What is a scholarship system?

The “scholarship system” is a system that grants and lends tuition fees to students who cannot afford to go on to school due to family circumstances.
To prevent students who are motivated to study from giving up, private organizations such as the national government, local governments, universities, companies, and NPOs have set up their own systems to recruit applicants who want to eliminate financial concerns. This is a very convenient system for students with poor income sources.

Who can borrow it?

It is intended for excellent students who are willing to learn, although they cannot afford it.

What is the definition of “student”?

⦁ High school
⦁ College of technology
⦁ University
⦁ Junior college
⦁ Vocational school
⦁ Graduate School
⦁ Overseas school students

Therefore, those who go on to correspondence high school / university are also applicable.
Of course, new students can apply for new applications, such as “I haven’t borrowed until now, but I will borrow from the third year of university.”
“Ronin” is also possible if you are admitted to the university within two years after graduating from high school and plan to go on to school ( people within two years after graduation at the time of application ). In that case, please contact the high school you graduated from.
If you enroll in a university (excluding transfer) after completing the third year of a college of technology, the same applies to those who are within two years of completing the third year.

⦁ What is the amount and usage of the scholarship?

If you pass the scholarship selection, a fixed amount will be paid to the designated account every month. The total amount you can receive.

Type of school to go to

“Going home” or “living alone”

Since it depends on such factors, it cannot said that you will receive a uniform dollar.
One thing to keep in mind is that scholarships are often not in time for the “admission fee” .
After passing the exam, you will often have to pay the “admission fee” within a week or two after the announcement of your success. Generally, it is necessary to prepare an amount of about 2500$ to 3000$ before enrollment, but in reality, the scholarship transfer month is after May after enrollment.
The sad case is that if you inadvertently intended to cover your admission fee with a scholarship, you could not pay after passing and had to decline the university you received.

⦁ Keep in mind that scholarships cannot be use for admissions.

If you have difficulty preparing an admission fee, you can use a service called “education loan” instead of a scholarship. This is a support system established by private banks, companies, and the Finance Corporation (country). Parents, not the students themselves, are the borrowers and are obliged to return the students after graduation. Interest rates are higher than scholarships, but the advantage is that you can borrow a large amount of money before enrollment.

⦁ Summary

Scholarships are a very helpful system for students who have financial difficulties but are willing to learn. However, in the case of a loan type, the student must borrow it and return it, so it is necessary to consider not only the latest student life but also the future when applying.
Choose the type of scholarship that suits you best and make your student life meaningful.

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