What scholarships do I have to return?

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Many scholarships out there do not have to return. Learn the right information about scholarships and keep costs down!

• Benefit-type scholarship

A benefit (salary) type scholarship is a scholarship system that can said to be a representative of scholarships that do not have to be return.
As the name suggests, it is a scholarship system that “gets (benefits)” a certain amount of money when hired, and there is no need to repay (repay) (no repayment required).
Due to the merit of not requiring repayment, the recruitment criteria are high, and it seems that application conditions such as excellent grades, good behavior, and good health are often attach.
In addition, it may be necessary to recommend the school of origin or enrollment, the high school or university to be paid may be specific, or the target area or field may be limited, so if you wish to use it, please do so in advance. You will need to contact the scholarship organization to find out more about your application requirements.

• The number of people hired is often small, so get information early and get ready

The scholarship benefit organizations are various organizations such as schools, local public organizations, public interest corporations, and private companies. It is said that there are more scholarships that do not require repayment by local governments in municipalities that wish to establish young people in their hometowns than in prefectures, so please contact the local government office. It would be good.

• You may also be able to use it! Exemption / reduction scholarship

The exemption / reduction scholarship is a type of scholarship system that allows you to “do not have to pay (exempt)” part or all of the tuition fees such as entrance fees and tuition fees.
Due to its nature, it is generally prepared as a school-specific scholarship system, and the conditions for employment are relatively looser than those for benefit-type scholarships.
Common conditions include that the grades at the time of admission and after admission are above the specified conditions, the qualifications designated by the school are obtain, the top prizes are award at national sports and art competitions, and the entrance fee is admit to the graduation school of parents and siblings. In addition, some or all of the tuition fees are exempt.
It may be possible to use it under unexpected conditions, so be sure to check the scholarship information of your school of choice in advance.

• Higher education study support new system

The new higher education study support system is a new system to help students who have difficulty attending school due to financial problems. It started in April 2 year of Reiwa. It is attracting attention because it is a new system, but because the applicable conditions and target higher education institutions (universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, etc.) are limited, it is targeted for your own situation and where you want to go on to higher education.

• Target person

Students from households with a household income of up to about 1.2 million dollar
(A guideline for a family of four parents, the person, and a junior high school student. The annual household income that meets the criteria varies depending on the family composition, so check with a simulator to see if it applies to you. Let us look)

• Target higher education institutions

A higher education institution that provides high- quality education * 1 certified as a “confirmed university, etc.”
(For information on actually accredited higher education institutions, see the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website, as well as the websites of schools that are considering going on to higher education.)
Please note that the target audience and institutions are limited. There is a tendency to describe this “new study support system” as “free higher education”, but in reality, there are restrictions as mentioned above. Not everyone can receive support, just like any other scholarship system. Check if you are eligible before considering using it.

• Is there a merit that exceeds the demerit? Return exemption system

The refund exemption system is a system in which the repayment of part or all of the scholarship is exempt if the specified conditions are meet.
This system seen in nursing vocational schools and universities, and is generally exempt from scholarship repayment if the condition of working at a designated hospital for a certain number of years after obtaining a nursing qualification is met.
In addition to nursing, similar systems may be available in various industries suffering from labor shortages and local governments where young people are moving away from their hometowns. In addition, a study loan system to the same effect may be attach to the local entrance examination of the medical school.
There are disadvantages such as restrictions on employment after graduation and the need to return the borrowed money in a lump sum if the specified conditions cannot be meet, but the advantage of being able to obtain useful qualifications while holding down tuition fees is great, so use it. It can be said that it is a scholarship system that is worth considering.

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